Global Gateway to Alternative Capital Sources and Financing Structures
Global Gateway to Alternative Capital Sources and Financing Structures
Lux Capital Corporation is a European-Canadian multi-family office undertaking. As part of a global collaborative network of investment banking boutiques we have access to over 500 top executives of leading multi-nationals, industry experts and scientific centers as well as decision-makers of governmental organizations. Our network stretches from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, to London, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Zurich, as far as Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. Our large fleet of investment undertakings are concentrated in Luxembourg, world's second largest fund center. and Toronto, the second largest North American financial center. Although Lux Capital is primarely focused on issuance, investment and trading of financial securities, we hold significant positions in real estate, energy, media, natural resources, life science and other asset classes. Social impact investing has our particular interest. Our large dealflow is funded by several foundations, ultra high networths, asset management firms and in particular by proceeds deriving from our proprietary securities trading with global banks as well as issuance of our own financial securities on global capital markets. 

Working with Lux Capital provides significant additional advantages, such as access to relative inexpensive risk capital. We establish relationships with multi-nationals in global markets, and can provide the managerial expertise and experience needed to accelerate profitable growth. Depending on the actual business case we involve business leaders with an impeccable track record of achievement in various industries like telecom, energy, life sciences, media and technology. Our multidisciplinary teams and case managers are based in world's leading financial and business centers, ensuring we have direct access to critical market intelligence, business networks and capital sources.
Lux Capital has several self-owned investment vehicles in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We regularly issue bonds to fund start-ups, SMEs or important development projects of multinationals in which we have a special interest and who desire to develop their business with a powerful financial partner.. Lux Capital holds numerous stakeholdings in such corporations Our primary focus is on investments that support social innovation, environmental protection, technologies based on the law of nature, and life-extending health sciences as well as companies that support affordable quality of life of disadvantaged communities. 

Positioning for Success
  • Build Unique Value Proposition
  • Recruit Exceptional Competencies
  • Achieve Operational Perfection
  • Understand Market Mechanisms
  • Mitigate Risks and Contingencies
  • Build Strategic Partnerships
  • Secure Entry to Global Markets
  • Build Unique Intellectual Properties
Mission Critical Funding
  • Understand Value Drivers
  • Master Cash Flows
  • Secure Access to Affordable Funding
  • Utilize Investment Incentives
  • Prioritized Capital Allocation
  • Maintain Strict Budget Controls
  • Reinvest Early Stage Earnings
  • Optimize Tax Benefits
Accelerate Growth
  • Get Sponsors at Industry Leader
  • Build Track Record of Achievement
  • Accreditation Industry Experts
  • Expand Footprint at Industry Leaders
  • Build Synergies with Key Suppliers
  • Establish Industry Leadership
  • Build Reputation and Brand
  • Start Global Roll-Out
Secure High Value Exit
  • Maximum Retention Earnings
  • Grow Value Intellectual Property
  • Year-on-Year sustainable Growth
  • Build Strong Balance Sheet
  • Steady Growth of Cash Position
  • Steadily Reduce Debts
  • Optimize Tax Efficiency
  • Clean Litigation Sheet
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