Lux Capital has developed an unique set of entrepreneurial and managerial competencies to ensure that the founders and management of enterprises will make the right strategic decisions, focus on the right priorities, and have the availability of mission-critical resources. Lux Capital will provide low-cost, fast tracked access to global markets to ensure sustainable growth of revenues, market share and shareholder value.
The actual breakthrough of start-ups and SMEs largely depends on the ability of its inventors and founders to penetrate a target market with an unique value proposition and steadily grow revenues and profits. After years of internal focus, entry to global markets is often a first time adventure with often disastrous consequences. Statistics indicate that only a few percent of these enterprises succeed. The ultimate key to a company's success is the ability of its founders to get experienced business partners on board. Our organization consists of visionary and experienced managers who have been in the “driver’s seat” of such operations for many years. Others have decades of experience in global business development and earned recognitions from leading industry platforms. Our managers have not only the experience but also the global network required to build relationships with decision makers of multinationals and industry experts.
The successful launch of new products and services requires a thorough understanding of the difference between inventions, technologies and solutions. Our firm has access to scientists, leading universities, research centers as well as the engineering departments of multi-national corporations. We always liaise with these experts to assess the economic and technical feasibility and market readiness of any inventions. They provide the critical feedback to ensure a successful entry into the marketplace.

Many start-ups and SMEs lack the resources to deal with all of the new operational and oganizational aspects of a product launch and market entry. Organizational and operational readiness is of critical importance to survive through the market penetration stage and expand the business. Our firm can fill in the gaps for certain expertise like tax planning, legals, or just the elevation of existing operations to a required level of excellence. Our managers are considered the best in their respective industries, are accredited by leading universities, have the certifications required by regulators, and have the unique knowledge and experience only gained through decades of professional development.
Our firm concentrates on a constant effort to be both a thought leader and practice leader.  The key to our success is our close collaboration with multinationals, industry experts, market-analysts  and universities as well as our ever expanding network of "captains of industry" and retiring top-executives. We apply advanved scientific methods, mathematical models and computer-assisted tools to thorougly assess alternative business strategies. We do not pretend that we will find each time the “Goose that laid the Golden Eggs”, but for sure we will mitigate most significant risks and prepare diligently for success. In that respect we do not walk on thin ice as our work is thoroughly assessed and audited by our partners from law firms, auditors and accountants.
Global Network
Start-ups and SMEs often initiate commercialization in their own domestic markets,whether due to lack of working capital, limitations of their sales forces, or simply because they feel comfortable with the language, culture and legislation. As an invention's technological advantages expire rapidly, time is of critical essence. Lux Capital provides these organizations fast-track access to global markets, especially multi-nationals and their key decision-makers.

After successfully penetrating a market, new obstacles will surface. Accelerating growth is often a very costly and time consuming operation. Getting a footprint at large corporations is difficult due to the complexity of their geographical spread, internal structure and procedures, and resistance to adoption is often significant, especially for game-changing technologies. Lux Capital utilizes its global network of "captains of industry" to obtain fast-track entry to key decision-makers and supplier qualification.

Lux Capital has been successful in global market penetration and accelerated business growth by building strategic alliances and value-add partnerships. In particular, synergetic partnerships with already established market leaders  appear to be a golden formula, and is by far more effective for companies than just having equity partners.

Process Excellence
Lux Capital applies a highly efficient  Quick Scan intake process and Diagnostic Review methodology to arrive in just a few weeks at a proposed Focused Growth Strategy Plan. Once the management of the enterprise has approved the plan, we will assign a dedicated team to our Rapid Growth Accelerator Program, liaising with our "captains of industry", industry experts and legal and financial partners to systematically implement the agreed steps. The Case Manager will actively manage the program to ensure that all milestones are reached in accordance with the agreed time schedule and cost budget.