After a thorough intake assessment of each business opportunity, our investment banking team will position the company or project for success. While most companies believe that their success exclusively requires the injection of new capital, Lux Capital also provides essential experience and expertise as well as access to global markets to ensure accelerated  yet sustainable business growth. In the meantime, we also prepare effective exit strategies to ensure  that shareholders will obtain the maximum value for their company. Please see below for a general description of some of the industry-specific projects we have completed and/or we are currently undertaking. Due to the confidential nature of our services, Lux Capital only provides references with the explicit consent of our clients.
Environmental Impact
We enabled a North American high-tech company specializing in industrial cleaning to expand their footprint at various petrochemical multi-nationals across the globe. Although the company had for many years offered a superior technology with massive cost savings and a positive environmental impact, the company failed to make a real breakthrough into the market. Lux Capital Corporation worked closely with the Board of Directors to develop a focused strategy, arranged for top-level access to multiple global market leaders, and developed strategic partnerships with multi-billion dollar engineering firms. At present we are in the final stages of preparing a bond issue to raise substantial capital to fund the company's global roll-out.   
Renewable Energy
We provided industrial engineering expertise and global market feasibility testing for a North American alternative energy firm. Based on its unique hydrogen generation technology Lux Capital structured 6 product lines for global markets including two unique applications for the automotive sector. Lux Capital arranged reserach and development partnerships with several multinational engineering firms allowing for zero cost, fast track development and commercialization, In addition Lux Capital paved the path for investments and subsidies for other product lines still in early research stage.     
Media and Entertainment
Lux Capital created a special purpose investment structure in cooperation with eight global media and entertainment companies, including some of world leading TV channels, news agencies, film production firms, entertainment,  and internet corporations. This incubator accesses global capital markets and invests in a large portfolio of high-tech media solutions for content production and distribution, as well as intellegent applications. Lux Capital is managing the investment structure, providing the incubator with a continuous and substantial flow of capital for the purpose of developing a new world standard for the media technologies of the future. Lux Capital is also one of the major shareholders in the incubator.
Life Sciences
Lux Capital recently launched for one of its clients an investment vehicle that invests in complex insurance derivatives. The vehicle invests the net proceeds in numerous start-ups and SMEs that develop life-extending technologies and health sciences. One of these investment targets is an unique non-invasive solution to accurately diagnose endometriosis, which will result in a massive reduction of cost of health care, early interventions to avoid the progression of the disease, and the reduction of symptoms associated with this under-diagnosed condition.  
Transport & Infrastructure
For several clients, Lux Capital has created an investment bond that provides European companies with the required capital to develop several infrastructure and transportation projects across the globe, including harbors and storage facilities for biofuels and food. 
Property Development
For several property developers, Lux Capital has developed investment bonds to fund the construction of iconic buildings in Europe. In addition, funds are utilized to develop high-quality social housing projects for disadvantaged households in Central and Eastern Europe. Lux Capital has also initiated projects in New Orleans, where after the Katrina disaster 90% of the communities' housing is still not restored in disadvantaged areas. Lux Capital aims to build low-cost, high quality, and storm and flood resistant housing with a low environmental footprint.